Top 5 Things to Consider when Planning an Event

Top 5 Things to Consider when Planning an Event

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Planning an event can be difficult and an event without a strategy usually ends in disaster. That’s why, to run a successful event, every host must have a great game plan. There are so many things you need to consider leading up to the day of the event such as budget, staff, venue, and more. And when you plan poorly or incorrectly, your event has the potential to lead to failure or, at the very least, stress you out. Below are five strategies that you should keep in mind when planning your event.

1. What is the point of your event and what do you hope to accomplish?

Are you having a birthday party and you want everyone to have fun? Great! That will define a lot of your decisions.  However, that would be really different than planning a 3 day seminar where you hope to bring value to your clients and sell your products. Defining your objective is easy if you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is attending your event?
  • Who will plan your event?
  • When is the best time to have your event?
  • What is the event about?
  • Will you name your event?
  • How do you plan to market your event?
  • Will you use social media?
  • When and where will your event be held?
  • Why are you having this event?

Knowing the answers to these questions can make a huge impact on your decision making. When naming your event, it’s important to consider the theme of your event during the beginning stages of the planning process, so be sure to plan ahead. You’ll also want to keep your target audience in mind when choosing a time and place that’s convenient for them.

And, there it is. This is your purpose — as well as your objective. You should keep these elements in mind when planning your event.

2. Plan your budget and timeline

The next order of business is to plan the budget and timeline for your event. The amount of advanced planning really depends upon the answers to the questions above.  If you’re planning a meet up with the girls to listen to live music on The Patio at The Forum, little advanced planning is needed. Planning a wedding rehearsal dinner takes a lot more. Remember that there is a lot involved when it comes to planning your event and coming up with a budget. You’ll want to determine your costs and what you can afford before coming up with a budget.

Estimate the overall amount for the entire event; and don’t overlook the small costs. Some of the most overlooked costs when planning an event include entertainment, equipment, snacks, and guest speakers. Be sure to always create and establish a contingency plan so you can stick to your budget.

3. Who do you want coming to your event?

Some events are targeted towards business employees, entrepreneurs, etc., while others are more for the public or your private life. You have to consider your audience so that you can anticipate their needs. It’s important to match the format and tone of the event to your target audience. Knowing this will allow you to engage with them on a level that won’t leave them bored.

4. Think about your communication skills

The best event planners are always the most effective communicators. When planning an event, you should communicate with your team on an ongoing basis. But you should communicate with your suppliers and sponsors as well.

Communication skills shouldn’t be mistaken for managing skills. But as the leader of your event, you’re responsible for the success (or failure) of your event. An event planner can provide attention to detail that the general public usually does not have. By informing your team about these important and specific details, you can ensure that everything will be in working order for your event.

5. Consider the venue

Think about what kind of venue you need. It’s not just about the size — there are so many factors to consider, such as catering, outdoor components, seating, tech features, parking, bar etc. Look over your guest list and determine whether it calls for a big venue or a small one. The length of your event and your list can help you determine which kind of venue you need.

Planning your event at The Forum in Chandler helps to take some of these responsibilities off of your plate. Our venue can adapt to house the appropriate amount of people. Whatever type of event you are hosting, we have different spaces both indoors and out for each event vibe. We have options for catering, and have a delightful staff to help.  

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Top 5 Things to Consider when Planning an Event