The Top 8 Benefits of Co-Working

The Top 8 Benefits of Co-Working

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Co-working is the option for independent workers to work alongside others in an office-like setting. It is often a productive choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives in need of a professional work environment. Although co-working has existed for the last 6 to 8 years in one form or another, the industry is still growing at record paces. In fact, the co-working industry is expected to experience a 30 percent increase by 2020.

This popularity is due to one simple fact: It works. Why does it work? It really boils down to eight primary benefits:

1. Professional Office Environment

For the lone entrepreneur, a professional office environment is a necessity. It provides a place to meet clients, potential employees, business partners, etc. Additionally, by being around other like-minded business professionals in a co-working environment, it helps establish and maintain a professional mindset. It also helps separate business from home life, making the workday much more productive.

And at the Forum, you have everything you could possibly need throughout your work day: Free coffee daily, a café & a patio bar, conference rooms and podcast studios for rent, and so much more.

2. Affordable

Whereas traditional office spaces can cost thousands of dollars a month, a co-working solution costs much less, freeing more money to be used for the business rather than for overhead. At the Forum, we offer a variety of memberships, depending on what’s necessary for you. Additionally, traditional office spaces usually requires a minimum one-year lease. Deposits include first and last month rent along with a security deposit. Sometimes, these fees can be prohibitive. And, not to mention, setting up utilities or internet service are often additional costs that tack onto that monthly office space bill. On the other hand, a co-working space is a ready-made office solution with very few (if any) contractual requirements. Utilities and internet are always ready to go, and you never have to worry about it.

3. Networking

In any work environment, co-working included, making friends, developing business partnerships, and utilizing professional resources are all part of the territory. Co-working spaces like the Forum are often linked to cafés, bars and coffee shops, it is easy to get to know others and casually develop a solid business network. Additionally, most co-working spaces organize business socials or classes, allowing professionals yet another opportunity to remain involved with the local entrepreneurial community around them.

4. Inspiration

Face it — being around ambitious professionals evokes personal ambition. Learning about what others are doing, how they are doing it, and the struggles they experience can inspire any business professional to persevere, succeed, and thrive.

More importantly, the pipeline of success is almost automatic. For instance, as more work gets done, as networking increases, as startups attain their goals and reach milestone after milestone after milestone, such self-driven professionals are lauded, and the success stories celebrated. Such an environment helps other business owners stay focused, believing in his or her own ventures, and ultimately succeeding them. And not only can members of the Forum be inspired by the people physically around them at the co-working space, they are also given access to an online dashboard where entrepreneurs can virtually connect on a deeper level.

5. Community

For freelancers, being able to work alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs creates a tight-knit bond where people support other people. Although everyone is most certainly working to launch their own ventures, consulting with others, helping them achieve their goals, and providing referrals are also common practice. In a co-working space, as people network and get to know other people’s goals and needs, they reach out and assist and the sense of community becomes a powerful, productive motivator.

6. Scalable

Perhaps one of most important aspects for any coworker is the ability to start small and grow as needed. A co-working space allows for that. At the Forum, you have the ability to choose from our different memberships based on what your needs are at the time. Our Basic membership is a great place to start out with — not to mention, it’s absolutely free. And as your business scales, so can your membership. Our Hustle, Hustle+Social, and Virtual Office memberships can cater to your every need. Office spaces, when used to their full potential, can help entrepreneurs maximize their potential and achieve their overall goals.

7. Resources

Co-working spaces excel in providing everything entrepreneurs need. From executive assistant services to faxing to copying, the basics of any office space are always at hand. The Forum also offers designated parking for members, bookable conference rooms and podcast studios, access to business training and Connect Events, and so much more. Don’t forget about our bar and café — two wonderful places to wind down or catch up with a colleague.

8. No more isolation

For any business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur, the true reality of working from home is the dreaded isolation. It depresses a worker’s will and eats away at what might be an otherwise productive day. Research abounds on the negative nature of isolation. Simply put, co-working solves the problem of isolation.

And at the Forum, you’ll never feel isolated. From our co-working spaces and conference rooms to our café and patio bar, there will always like-minded individuals around you willing to share ideas and goals. So come give us a try or learn more about the Forum and everything we have to offer at

The Top 8 Benefits of Co-Working